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Wes Alexander from Marshall Brewing Shares Stories & Beer Pairings | Tulsa Podcast

by | May 24, 2019 | Beer, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. So Wes, I want to start out by saying that I know we don’t all know each other super well, yet! But, I have to say that every time I am around you I cannot help but feel this aura of calm and in control yet also a radiating energy of fun that comes from you. How is all of this possible?
  2. So how long have you been working with Marshall’s and what is the back story? Nepotism I’m sure, right?
  3. Why do they call you the godfather?
  4. I see on the website ( that you are in charge of “Sales and other fun things”. What are these “other fun things” do you have a recent example?
  5. What does a typical day or maybe week look like when you are doing sales for Marshall’s? Who are you out talking to and what exactly are you selling? Wholesale, restaurants, convenience stores? Are you calling or do you just show up? Walk us through a day as the godfather.
  6. What was one of the first sales you made for Marshalls?
  7. What is one the deals you’ve made that you are most proud of?
  8. Give us your Marshall Brewing pitch. I am a huge fan of the beer and everyone I have met that works with you guys have been great. Why are you all so awesome? Why are you passionate about Marshall Brewing Company.
  9. What’s something people don’t know about selling beer and working with distributors that they might not expect? Any misconceptions about your job?
  10. So today is April 19th of 2019 and we are recording as always here at the taproom and you guys are having a little family style music shindig tonight. I am going to try and make it back up here but are a lot of you guys musicians? Is music a big part of the culture up here at Marshalls?
  11. What kind of music are you into? What is some of your favorite stuff?
  12. Now, I read that you are a ‘hobby chef” and are the resident expert at pairing beer with food. What do you like to cook most and give us a couple pairings that we should try.
  13. I was reading through the website ( and looking at the beers and all of them that I saw had a list of food pairings? I assume you wrote these? If so what is you process for this list of delicious together?
  14. We often ask what you would go back and tell yourself 20-30 years ago but I am throwing a curveball today. Wes, if you could go 20 years into the future what would you tell yourself?
  15. What is an action item you want all of the listeners out there to take right now?
  16. Wes, thank you for sitting down with us. Like I said, it is always a pleasure. You are a true gentleman and a beer scholar so thank you for your service… and thanks to everyone out there listening. Until our next snuggle session… CHEERS!!!



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