Audio Mixing starting at $99

Get started mixing your studio or live concert tracks without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Our online service allows musicians and bands to send individual STEM and instrument tracks to get mixed by our in-house mixing team.

Guaranteed 5-Day Turnaround

High Quality WAV Ready

Communication With Engineer For 2 Revisions

Up to 10 STEMS Per Track

World-Class Audio Mixing

Get your next track professionally mixed by a team committed to bringing out the best of your sound. Let the Madness Media team work alongside you to fulfill the vision of your project with world-class quality.

Whether it’s designed for vinyl, digital, or streaming, the mixing at Madness Media is designed to allow artists to showcase the best of their talents while maintaining the rich sounds enveloping their music.

What is mixing and mastering?

Mixing and mastering are two separate processes of the production process that bring your track to life. During the mixing process all of the individual tracks (often times called STEMS) will be leveled in relation to one another so that the appropriate sounds are heard throughout the song. This typically involves volume and EQ, and different effects to get your track fulfilled in the creative vision that you have.

The mastering process is the final step of the production process that literally means getting the track to a finished version to serve as the master from which copies will be made. Once a “mixdown,” or final mix, is exported, the track is taken into your digital audio workstation to make small tweaks to the overall EQ, boost sounds in certain areas, and overall push the volume of the track to the appropriate dynamic range that you are looking for. Check out the difference in the process below:

1. Before Mixing

2. After Mixing

3. After Mastering

Some of the Musicians We’ve Worked With

Mark Gibson Circle Headshot

Mark Gibson

Tiffany Howig

My So Called Band Circle Headshot

My So Called Band

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Madness Media | Tulsa Recording Studio

Madness Media provides the fastest turnaround time of any Tulsa recording studio for mixing and mastering. If you are thinking about producing a record or creating your next project as a Tulsa musician, make sure that you connect with this team.

Top-quality tracks for many Tulsa musicians have been produced at the Madness Media studio. Regardless of timeline or budget, this team has a package for every musician. Thew audio mixing process can be challenging to get exactly correct over the internet, so the Madness Media connects with all of the musicians to make sure that the sound ends up the way the musician originally intended. Backed by a Tulsa recording studio, every track goes through an extensive mixing process, layering all of the instruments and voices to create a track for any genre.

Because Madness Media operates a Tulsa recording studio, Tulsa musicians and other touring artists also have many other resources at their fingertips. For video production of a live track, the team can schedule a full video video shoot at any Tulsa musicians next concert. If you need a marketing campaign launched to promote the track, then the Madness Media team can also provide and manage advertising metrics. Need shows booked? Let this Tulsa recording studio handle booking shows around town for you.

Need an affordable Tulsa recording studio?

Madness Media understands the limited budget that rising musicians have to operate within. That’s why there is a package for every type of project that Tulsa musicians and touring artists are looking to create. Because of our systems that exist within the Tulsa recording studio, we are able to operate very efficiently and pass along the cost-savings to the artist.

Don’t wait to create your next project. Even if your concern are finances, let the Madness Media team create a plan specifically designed for you.