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Warren Ross – The Man Who Built Construction Giant Ross Group | Tulsa Podcast

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Business, Scales & Ales Podcast


Welcome back to the SnugStudio at the Taproom by Marshall’s Brewing. On this episode of Tulsa podcast Scales & Ales we have an incredible guest who is the man behind the construction company powerhouse Ross Group – Mr. Warren Ross. Welcome to the show!



  1. What’s one project that you have coming up or one that you just finished that you’re really excited about?
  2. Coming from a commercial subcontractor background – what is one thing every subcontractor could do to make your life, the developer or contractor, the company they are working for better or easier? Like a practical action step, someone could take.
  3. Can you talk about the nightmares of scheduling when it comes to these projects that you guys work on? Everyone knows it can get out of hand quickly when a schedule starts breaking up… so…. What do you guys at Ross Group do to be proactive about your scheduling?
  4. What made you want to get into development and construction?
  5. How is the experience, like the day to day, at a place like MIT? Was it a competitive environment?
  6. Can you share any fun stories from your time in school?
  7. Is there something that you are into right now? Outside of work, like is there anything you are deep diving and learning about that doesn’t involve the work life?
  8. I’m a homer for Tulsa and the Tulsa music scene. Are you big into music? What type of venues, projects, events do you think need to keep happening to build the scene?
  9. What was life like for a very young Warren Ross? Where did you grow up and what type of environment did you find yourself in as a kid and young adult?
  10. So I read that you grew up in Catoosa… Where about? I am from Verdigris and my wife is from Catoosa.
  11. So I wanted to ask you, we work with a ton of small and mid sized businesses who are dreaming of landing a big government contract. It is my understanding that you guys have a bit of experience in this area, am I correct in that…. So what advice would you have for someone who is thinking of getting into the public work and going for a government contract. To someone who is in construction, manufacturing or whatever industry it might be?
  12. Can you share one of the hardest lessons you learned about doing government work?
  13. Why are you so passionate about downtown Tulsa?
  14. I saw that you ad said the “multiple sources tell me that I’m fairly intense”. If someone was to describe you in that way, what would they mean by that? What gets you going, is it hitting a deadline, a budget, people lying? All of the above?
  15. Can you share where the next area of development will be in and around downtown Tulsa?
  16. I moved downtown into the Mayo Hotel, and one of the things that I observed, very noticeably, is that many of the restaurants are closed early or not open at all during the week. Why does this happen, and is this changing?
  17. How important, in your mind, is having really badass partners on your team?
  18. Who is someone that helped you on your journey? Someone that you would like to say thank you to?
  19. What is the value in having a workout facility in the back of your office? Why did you decide to do that?
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