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Van Full of Nuns Stop By Before Pop Punk Nite At Cain’s Ballroom

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Music, Scales & Ales Podcast


Van Full of Nuns & Pop Punk’s Not Dead Fest

In this episode we are recording from the Marshall Brewing Taproom, joined by Mikey Pizza & Todd the Pop Punk Viking from the band Van Full of Nuns… what is going on? CHEERS!!

    1. Guys welcome to Tulsa and to Marshall Brewing! We are excited to have you here! 
      1. Have you been to T-Town before or is this the first time?
    2. Introduce yourselves to everyone and give a little intro of the band, Van Full of Nuns, as well. 
      1. Band members – Mike (Lead Vocals), Josh (Guitar), Todd (drums), and Jason (Bass) 
    3. So the band is based out of Dallas, right? Are you all from the Dallas area?
    4. How did you meet and when did you start playing music together? 
    5. You guys are playing the famous Cain’s Ballroom. That is exciting. It’s a super fun place to watch a show. The place has great energy. Give us a little rundown of what the people can expect from your performance!
    6. Can you guys give us a quick overview of what exactly “Pop Punk” is, and who some of the best examples of this genre are?
    7. Now after learning about you guys I listened to a bunch of your stuff, covers and originals, and I really love how you stay true to the feel of the songs / bands but put your own spin on the covers as well. Is that planned or when you guys are putting a new cover together does it just kind of come out with a Van Full of Nuns twist naturally?
    8. We play a little bit of music, by no means are we a band or any good for that matter!! But I personally have always enjoyed both aspects of creating music and learning to cover some of my favorite bands. So when it’s time to write a new song… Who is the creative force behind the originals? What does that process of writing a new song look like for the Van Full of Nuns crew? 
    9. And when it comes to covers… There are so many good songs out there. How do you guys decide what songs to cover?
    10. How fun is it when you rip into a super popular cover during a show and the crowd knows it and sings along? I imagine it’s a pretty amazing energy!!
    11. Do you have a top 1 or 2 songs that are your favorites to play live??
      1. When is it?
        1. July 17th, 2021 from 2:00pm – 2:00am
      2. Where is it?
        1. At Buck’s Backyard in Buda, TX! – Just 15 minutes south of Austin, TX
  1. How pumped are you to share a stage with Bowling for Soup?
  2. What inspired you guys to put on the festival?
  3. What can people expect at the event?
  4. Where can people get tickets for the festival? 
  5. Anyone you would like to give a special thanks to for helping out with Pop Punk’s Not Dead Fest?? I saw Local Menace and The Hustle Hustle Collective listed 
  6. Where else can the beautiful people listening check out your stuff?
  7. Guys, thanks so much for sitting down with us! Have a great show tonight and again, welcome to Tulsa!!
  8. Thanks for listening…. CHEERS
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