Society Society – Live at the Cain’s Ballroom – 4.8.17

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Concerts, Featured Artists

Nobody does hiphop rock as well as Society Society for Tulsa musicians. The energy that this group brings to the stage is electric. If you are wanting to see a fast-paced, high-intensity concert, make sure that you check these guys out.


Society Society has been around on the Tulsa music scene for a number of years. Just recently they have taken about a year off from performing and Saturday, April 8th was their first show back in a while. You couldn’t tell one bit. The entire group fell into a rhythm that meshed well together. With a frontman that led the energy for the group, they shocked and awed the audience who was waiting for Badfish, a Sublime tribute band that would be playing as the headliner. Everyone that showed up early was in for a real treat by getting to see Society Society.

Eclectic Blend for Tulsa Musicians

The group blends hip hop and rock into an eclectic blend that was mesmerizing on stage. The genre is self-described as “full band hip hop” which takes on almost a punk rock feel. The first opening act for any show is always difficult, but Society Society rose to the challenge. It was exactly what the night needed to start the concert. From there, the energy did not stop until midnight. Society Society built their fanbase, captured the attention of many, and put on a great show.


The band is made up of several members including exciting frontman Devo McFarland. The band held a respectable spot in Tulsa underground rock music culture for a long time between 2008 and 2014. They were fortunate to perform regularly at a number of venues across the US including Whiskey A GoGo in Hollywood.


Society Society aims to blur the lines for what is accepted by one genre. The attitude of a rock or metal concert combines with the smoothly written lyrics of an underground hip hop track combines for a sound that is unique within the local market. While some have classified the music similar to Beastie Boys, 311, and Rage Against the Machine, the band clearly has carved out their own niche.

Stinky Gringos and Society Society | Tulsa Musicians

Following a solid performance by Society Society, the Stinky Gringos took the stage to bless the crowd with reggae rock. Society Society clearly set the pace and energy for the night, the Stinky Gringos got the mindset right, and then Badfish rocked the night away. People were singing all of the Sublime classic songs like “What I Got” and “Santeria.” There may have even been a small mosh pit – only temporarily for safety reasons of course – during the Society Society setlist too. Overall, a fun and event-filled evening at the Cain’s Ballroom.


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