Tulsa Musicians | “Our Religion” (Live at Soul City) – Mark Gibson

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Featured Artists

Mark Gibson is one of the most promising Tulsa musicians of the current era of the Tulsa sound. And it shows.

For Gibson, he’s grown up listening to the classic tracks of JJ Cale and Leon Russell, just a couple artists that represent what used to make up the Tulsa sound. Now Gibson is bearing that torch. He and many other local musicians are stepping up to the plate to contribute their original music to what is becoming a resurgence of Tulsa as a music destination.

In recent years, there have been more and more Tulsa musicians that are playing consistent shows in town and touring across the country. For them, it is a way to spread their music, but also to generate income while pursuing a career as a musician. “Without the fans, I’d just be playing for the four walls of my room,” Gibson chuckles in an interview after most recently performing at Soul City of Tulsa. Many Tulsa musicians can relate to this. The shows like this one are what pay the bills for Gibson, and create a loyal fanbase.

Every time Gibson steps out on the stage, his mentality becomes that of an entertainer. “Like everybody, I get really anxious before shows. I think many people would be surprised to hear that about me,” Gibson says. “It just takes a few songs to settle into my groove with the band, and then I’m good.”

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Representing Blues for Tulsa Musicians

Blues has always found a home in Tulsa. For years, famous musicians like Leon Russell, JJ Cale, Dwight Twilley, Joe Diffee, and Elvin Bishop have all represented Tulsa on a national stage for their music. As music has evolved over the years, some have forgotten about the blues roots that exist in Tulsa still today. Historic places like the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in downtown Tulsa and the famous Cain’s Ballroom preserve the blues sound for upcoming talents┬álike Mark Gibson to continue where these past musicians left off.

One of those popular songs that Gibson has made famous at his local shows is “Our Religion,” which is an upbeat blues track of his recent album Blue Eyed Soul. From the first note, this track creates a high energy and fun atmosphere that you have to dance to. Gibson is one of the best of all Tulsa musicians at this. Pretty soon the entire venue is up in their seats, dancing and clapping along to the catchy track, and you can see that Gibson has found his groove.

At the show, Madness Media was able to capture a live version of the track which can be found below. For more information about Gibson and his upcoming shows, check out his website and Facebook page.