Tulsa Musicians | “I Want You Badly” (Live at Madness Media Studio) – Mark Gibson

As the workday finished up, the next one was beginning for several Tulsa musicians. Arriving at the Madness Media studio at the Riverwalk in Jenks, Oklahoma, everybody didn’t know what to expect from working with each other for the first time. With the goal of achieving something special from the first Tulsa video production project, Tulsa musician Mark Gibson was tense before turning on the mics.

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Founder of Madness Media, Marshall Morris, had seen Gibson perform several months back at Soul City of Tulsa for the first time with the full band, horn section and all. The band was FULL of Tulsa musicians that were each individually talented, and together sounded incredible. Gibson had put together a star-studded team for the night and they were definitely in sync. Maybe the first experience of hearing Mark Gibson would have been different had the full band not been performing that night, but immediately Morris knew that Mark Gibson was something special. Before the end of the night, the entire crowd was on the dance floor singing and dancing to familiar covers and original music written by Gibson.

If you haven’t heard Gibson’s music before, he describes it as a blues-y soul influenced by a variety of famous musicians but also by those local to Tulsa. Gibson grew up in Broken Arrow and Tulsa and mentions how excited he is to be a part of the Tulsa sound and building it along with other Tulsa musicians. With slow ballads like “I Want You Badly” & Nothing Will Ever Be The Same,” or grooving melodies like “Motown Kind of Love” and “Blue Eyed Soul,” Gibson’s first album has something for everyone even if they are unfamiliar with the genre.

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Beyond the incredible talent of Mark Gibson of singing and songwriting, his stage presence is second to none. It is fun and entertaining to attend one of his concerts that he regularly hosts around Tulsa, something that is a MUST for music-lovers and frequent concert-goers in the area. His “homebase” Soul City of Tulsa has him perform regularly, both inside, and outside when springtime rolls around. He is known there for his high energy concerts, but also his Sunday morning brunch performances that showcases his more mellow songs. Kevin and Amy Smith, owners of Soul City of Tulsa, have developed a great relationship with Gibson over the years, and love having him out.

Tulsa Musicians | “I Want You Badly” by Mark Gibson | Madness Media

So with a firm background and career building in Tulsa, Mark Gibson and Madness Media connected to create a series of projects that would allow Gibson to be booked widely across the country. In the Madness Media studio, it is setup perfectly for musicians of varying interests and creative visions. For Mark Gibson and his band, the Madness Media team planned to capture one of the ballads, “I Want You Badly,” in studio – and the result is breathtaking. Make sure you check it out below.

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