Tulsa Musicians | Mark Gibson | “Hallelujah” Cover Live at Soul City

Have you heard Mark Gibson? This artist is one of the most promising Tulsa musicians and talents – and he’s taking all of the venues by storm. With a recent performance at his “his musical homebase” Soul City of Tulsa, he is generating massive momentum behind his music. Madness Media was there to cover the Tulsa video production and capture the electricity this night. 

Gifted from an early age, Mark has been making music that fuels his passion. Starting at smaller venues like The Hunt Club, Doc’s, Soul City of Tulsa, and country clubs around Tulsa, Gibson has been fortunate to play at some of the bigger venues as well such as The Brady Theatre and The Vanguard. “Without the fans, it would just be me playing for the four walls of my room. The fans and audience at the shows make my career possible,” Gibson says. Following Tulsa greats like JJ Cale and Leon Russell, Gibson intends to leave his mark on the city of Tulsa.

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For his last performance at Soul City of Tulsa, it was a live recording that he intends to release later this year for a live album that he has been working on with Madness Media. This follows his Blue Eyed Soul album that was released with massive success within the Tulsa community. The album features several songs on it that Gibson’s fans have become quickly familiar with like “Blue Eyed Soul,” “Motown Kind of Love,” ballad “I Want You Badly,” and acoustic tracks like “Nothing Will Ever Be The Same.”

One of the most memorable moments of the night for him, the audience, or any of the Tulsa musicians at the venue was his rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. He played the song as an encore to an already dazzling performance, and it was nothing short of incredible. Throughout the entire song, you could tell that the audience was on the edge of their seats, listening as Mark Gibson captured their attention till he released them back to reality. Madness Media was able to capture the song on video found below:

Tulsa Musicians | Upcoming Shows for Mark Gibson

Gibson has an exciting future ahead of him too. Already booked for show dates around the state and regularly traveling to surrounding states in the region, news is spreading fast about his his success. Gibson says “a lot of my out of town shows have been generated after people have seen some of my videos on social media.” Gibson plans to go back to Soul City of Tulsa on March 25th next month, then later this summer will be performing at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center for a show that includes his 9-piece band. Speaking from first-hand experience this show with a full horn section is not something to miss. Gibson is representing Tulsa musicians with style and class. If you are looking for a fun night out filled with rocking and dancing, then make sure you put it in your calendar for June 25th.