Badfish – Sublime Tribute (Live at the Cains) – 4-8-17

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Concerts, Featured Artists

The night began with one of the best versions of “Bohemian Rhapsody” that I had ever heard – and Badfish had not even came to the stage yet. Thousands of people were awaiting the arrival of Badfish to the stage and belted out their version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the top of their lungs. While not Tulsa musicians, this band from the Northeast brought out all of their Tulsa followers¬†and raving Sublime fans from the Northeastern Oklahoma area to jam.


I had never heard Badfish perform before so I did not know what to expect. The crowd began to swell as the time for the main act drew closer. Two acts opened for them РSociety Society & Stinky Gringos, both bands made up of Tulsa musicians. You could cut the anticipation with a knife as the crowd pushed closer and closer to the stage. Then early cheers erupted from the front as you could tell band members were making their way to the stage. It was showtime.


Instantly, the atmosphere was electric. Full-on party mode was engaged and everyone began dancing to the reggae rock that Badfish was here to play. Artists strive for the response that the band has generated within the first few chords. I knew that immediately I was going to get some incredible photos from the night. I simply needed to get the best vantage point.


At the time, I was positioned at the side stage, which is where it was best to capture the other Tulsa musicians. Because the crowd was anticipated to be a smaller, more mellow group, no photographers pit and barrier was setup. In order to capture the full effect of the band, I was going to need to immerse myself in the crowd.


Some of the best shots were captured of the band while standing next to a gentleman who was the better part of his way through a six pack of beer that he was slinging around. Amongst all of the good vibes that were present, the concert was rocking and everyone was responding well to all of the Sublime classic songs that were played.


“While not Tulsa musicians, the band got locals singing along like a local act”

Whether you came for “Santeria” or “What I Got,” Badfish had a nostalgic song for you. In fact, I found one of the most humorous dynamics that was present that night was that many Sublime apologists had grown up and now have kids, who they brought to the Cain’s Ballroom to experience Sublime for the first time. As an all ages events, I was very surprised to see some of the youth that was present.


Whether you are one of the top Tulsa musicians or a band from the Northeast covering Sublime tracks, the Cain’s Ballroom remains to be one of the most classic venues to play at. While venues like The Vanguard Tulsa or Soul City are fantastic to see a show, the Cain’s Ballroom has a history that makes it a favorite place to play for many visiting musicians and artists.


If you are wanting to capture some photography or videography for your next live event, fill out a form and let us know the date. Madness Media is excited to represent Tulsa musicians and the Tulsa sound in the budding music scene once again. Check out below for some of the best shots of the night for Badfish on 4.8.17.