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Tulsa Attorney & CPA Steve Mathis Breaks Down Issues Every Company Has | Tulsa Podcast

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Business, Scales & Ales Podcast



History and background between Chupp and Steve.

  1. What was GCCCI?
  2. Give me a retrospective look at what working with my crazy ass and my family was like.
  3. So your wife is a lawyer as well right? What’s that like? 2 lawyers living together? Do you have bylaws governing how to organize the fridge, or like how did you decide which way the toilet paper hang you know, the proper way to fold a t-shirt according to the books, etc?
  4. You’re from Kiefer, OK, correct? And graduated in 1086 from – Kiefer HS? What did life look like at that time in Kiefer?
  5. I was creeping on you and looked at the names in your graduating class and am i correct in saying that you graduated with another Steven Mathis?
  6. So… not trying to make a big deal about this Marshall but according to their website, Steve here held the title of “Super Lawyer” from 2011-2018… first of all, congrats Steve. That’s really pretty badass. But also, what the hell is a super lawyer?!?
  7. What do you enjoy most about practicing law?
  8. What areas of law do you primarily focus on?
  9. Is there anything new, as a practicing attorney and former CPA, that you have seen in the laws that business owners or really people in general should know about? Any big changes or anything interesting?
  10. I read that you are an Administrative Law Judge for the Oklahoma Insurance Department… What does that mean? And how did you end up doing this?
  11. Where do most people get contracting wrong. Creating and following a contract can be a pain in the ass. What are some of the things that people do that make the process hard verse what can you do to make it easier or at least doable?
  12. I read on your website that you practice in small business law particularly strategic entity formation. What does that process look like for someone that is wanting to start a business?
  13. In what areas of law do you see businesses get themselves into the most trouble? Taxes, HR, Fulfillment?
  14. If you could give everyone out there one single piece of advise, what would that be? Mine would be something like don’t fart and then sit down… but I am sure yours will be much more astute and cultured
  15. What’s something outside of work and law that you are currently into?
  16. Thanks for coming on Steve… Marshall, as always, it was a pleasure… CHEERS!!



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