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Taylor Hanson: Music & Beer Superstar Hosts 6th Annual Hop Jam | Tulsa Podcast

by | May 7, 2019 | Beer, Scales & Ales Podcast




The Hop Jam 2019 –

Hanson Brothers Beer –




  1. Taylor, we’re coming up on the 6th annual Hop Jam. I read that there’s over 100 breweries pouring this year – that’s amazing. What are you most excited for this year?  
  2. Did you ever imagine it getting this big? That’s amazing!
  3. For anyone that’s never been to the festival, what’s your pitch, how would you describe it to someone?
  4. What are some of the breweries that you’re excited to have join the festival?
    1. American Solera
    2. Angry Scotsman
    3. Anthem Brewing Company
    4. Bitter Sisters
    5. Black Mesa
    7. Buffalo Wine Co
    8. Cabin Boys
    9. COOP
    10. Dead Armadillo
    11. Eerie Abbey
    12. Elgin Park
    13. Elk Valley
    14. Enid Brewing
    15. Hanson Brothers
    16. Iron Monk
    17. Madhopper
    18. Marshall Brewing Co.
    19. Mountain Fork
    20. Nine Band
    21. Nothings Left
    22. OKCIDER
    23. Prairie Artisan Ales
    24. Renaissance
    25. Rough Tail
    26. Vanessa House
    27. Skydance
    28. Stonecloud
    29. Twisted Spike
    30. Vortex Alley
    31. Welltown Logo
    32. The Willows Family Ales
    33. 4 Hands
    34. Blue Moon
    35. Clown Shoes Beer
    36. Franconia
    37. Lagunitas Brewing
    38. Odell
    39. Sam Adams
    40. Ska
    41. Austin East Ciders
    42. Bold Rock
    43. Full Sail
    44. Ballast
    45. Big Sky Brewing
    46. Boulder
    47. Boulevard
    48. Deep Ellum
    49. Destihl
    50. Goodwood
    51. Harpoon
    52. Lazy Magnolia
    53. Leinenkugel
    54. Modern Times
    55. Ommegang SM
    56. Can Cap
    57. STEM Ciders
    58. Tupps
    59. OskarBlues
    60. Shiner
    61. Stone
    62. Uinta
    63. Rogue
    64. Sierra Nevada
    65. Toppling Goliath
    66. White Claw
  5. How did the Hop Jam get started? Why were you so passionate about starting a festival like this?  
  6. I read this is now the 2nd year for Firkin Feast with McNellie’s Group Executive Chef Ben Alexander. Now I had no idea what a firkin, I thought it was a typo at first, but a firkin is a real thing. Tell us about the Firkin Feast
    1. Beer firkin – Quarter of a barrel – From the mid 15th century until 1824 the beer firkin was defined as 9 ale or beer gallons.
  7. Taylor, I read that your brother Mac is playing with a band called Joshua & The Holy Rollers, how cool is that for you all?
  8. You’re gonna be sharing the stage with Phantom Planet, have you played with them before?
  9. So through the spring you guys have been working on preparing for Hop Jam, but in the fall you and Hanson released a new album called “String Theory.” So basically, you got a ton of your most popular songs, some unreleased stuff that people haven’t heard before, and married that with a full symphony.  As if that wasn’t cool enough yet, so you got an Oscar- winning composer David Campbell to work with you all on the project. How’d this entire project materialize?
  10. It’s awesome to see how you’ve continued to do new projects with your brothers – music, the Hop Jam, beer –  is that always something you guys have wanted to do, or did your success with Hanson allow that to happen?
  11. It seemed like at a very early age you all began having success with your music. There’s a bias towards the tip of the iceberg and the success we see, but seldom get to hear about the grind that went into making your music happen. What were the parts that fans didn’t get to see in the media?
  12. If you had two pieces of advice or action steps to give to other musicians, what advice would you give?
  13. You guys have a studio here in town – 3 Car Garage – have you guys been working on any other new projects coming up?  
  14. What is this about Hanson Day? Tell us about Hanson Day and what you guys do with it
    1. Paintings, photos, our new EP, In Real Life
  15. Brag on your brother Zac For a second and tell us what’s going on with Edible Digital Pants – the people want to know.
  16. You’ve played all over the world, you’ve had crazy success, and you’ve really championed Tulsa as a place that you want to be. What makes Tulsa special?
  17. What do you see that Tulsa needs to continue to do to recruit talented young professionals and grow?
  18. Taylor, any other hot takes for the podcast today?
  19. What do you want anyone listening to do after listening to this episode?
  20. Go buy String Theory
  21. Check out the Hop Jam – May 19th
  22. Ya’ll are gonna perform a concert here at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center on your “String Theory Tour” on May 17 with the Tulsa Symphony. You know you have a beer festival that weekend…?
  23. CHEERS!



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