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Taproom Manager Kyle Johnson at Marshall Brewing Shares Secrets of Their Beer Experience

by | May 17, 2019 | Beer, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. So Kyle, it’s great to have you on. As people know, we record from the snug at the Marshall Brewing Taproom and there is one guy that makes this magical place happen everyday and that is you my friend. How are you?
  2. For people listening that haven’t been to the Taproom, give us your elevator pitch about what this place is and why someone needs to get over here and check it out.
  3. What kinds of beer and beer containers can you buy at the Taproom? Draft beer, bottled and canned 6 packs, kegs? What the hell is a growler? Walk us through the options you guys have up here
  4. What is something exciting going on with the Taproom right now? I am pretty pumped about the beer garden that is being installed right now. Is there anything that you are pumped about or did I just totally steal your thunder?
  5. How long have you been working over here at Marshall Brewing?
  6. Running the Taproom, I’m sure you’ve seen some things. Is there anything that just takes the cake for hilarious situations you or patrons have found themselves in up here in the Taproom?
  7. What is it like working with the crew up here? I know everyone has their days but we have met a bunch of you guys and everyone always has a great attitude and a smile on their face. But everyone seems to stay pretty busy as well.
  8. Where did you get the name “pit boss”?
  9. What type of beer is your favorite? I like a lighter beer or maybe even a sour. What’s your go to?
  10. What is your favorite Marshall beer? You know where I stand on this question. Sundown Wheat by a mile but which one does it for you?
  11. What is your favorite aspect of running the Taproom?
  12. What were some of the things you have done before working at the Taproom?
  13. Have you always had an affection for craft beer and craft brewing?
  14. If someone is out there and they are trying to decide when they should check out the Taproom for the first time, when would you say is the best time to see the Taproom thriving?
  15. What is one action item that people should take if they are out there listening? If you could get them to do 1 thing, what would that be?
  16. Kyle!! Thank for coming on. You are a gentleman and a scholar and I appreciate you for that! Come by and check out the Taproom over here at
    1. 1742 E. 6th St.
    2. They are open
      1. Monday–Thursday – 2-9pm
      2. Friday-Saturday  12-10pm
      3. Sunday 12-6pm
    3. Or you can call to find out more at 918-292-8781 – ask for Kyle!
  17. Thanks for listening and we will catch you guys next time.
  18. CHEERS!!!
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