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Founders of Cabin Boys Brewery – From the Woods to 6th Street | Tulsa Podcast

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Beer, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. Welcome back to the Snug at the Taproom by Marshall’s Brewing. My name is Marshall Morris and next to me we have the incredibly handsome Mr. Eric Chupp. Across from me we Tulsa’s most attractive attorney Mr. Adam Marshall, and on this episode we have some badass guests from Cabin Boys Brewing. These guys have an incredibly impressive building at 7th and Utica, you can’t miss it. Today we’re joined by Lisa & Austin McIlroy and Ryan Arnold. Welcome to the show! How are you?!
  2. Cabin Boys Brewing – Tell us the story behind the name Cabin Boys Brewery and how you all got started.
  3. Austin, I keep hearing about this World Brewing Academy in Chicago and Munich where people actually get to go study, make, and drink beer all day everyday. Honestly, it sounds like paradise. Was it paradise? Tell us about your experience there studying the craft of craft beer.
  4. Can you describe brewery culture for us. Is it just a bunch of throwing stuff into the tanks and hoping for the best? Is it more scientific and calculated? What’s the day to day culture like working with these guys?
  5. Ryan, tell us about the beer. Which was the first one? And then, I don’t know if you’re allowed to play favorites, but I want to ask anyways do you have a favorite beer that you guys make?
  6. When deciding on names for beers and designs for beer cans, the artwork etc. Who is primarily in charge of that and setting that all up?
  7. What was it like first entering the industry?
  8. You guys are now in QuikTrip! That’s awesome, it actually was my first 4-pack of beer that I bought from there when they first rolled out. What was it like getting into distribution for you guys?
  9. Now everyone needs to go drink some Cabin Boys beer at their taproom at 7th and Utica, I would never say you’re an idiot if you don’t do that, I would never, but I will ask, what’s a beer that you’ve had that you guys enjoy drinking that you’d recommend to all the listeners out there? For any reason, wild flavors, gets you hammered, unique name, memorable experience, easy regular drinking…




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