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Assistant Dean of International Student Services of Tulsa University | Tulsa Podcast

by | May 14, 2019 | Business, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. Explain exactly what it means to work with the international student services group at TU. What is that you actually do?
  2. So as you travel you represent TU to prospective students and recruit them to move to Tulsa basically, right? Are there certain places that the students seem to have the most culture shock when arriving?
  3. What is the most remote place TU has recruited someone from that decided to attend college here in Tulsa?
  4. What are some of the common struggles you see from all or most of the international students when they get to America for maybe the first time?
  5. You don’t have to share names if you don’t want to but have there been any students from the program that you know have gone on to have success that you are pretty sure never would have gotten that opportunity or a real shot if you and TU had not reached out and made contact with them when recruiting?
  6. Where are some your favorite places that TU has sent you to?
  7. Do you get to pick the places to go or is that provided to you?
  8. Would you recommend that all college students, if possible, try to study abroad? And why?
  9. So I noticed that you are very close to the 12 year mark working with TU. That is impressive and it makes me feel old but how has the experience of working with the University of Tulsa been?
  10. What message does TU put out there to the students as you are visiting them in their home countries? Is there an elevator pitch of why they should choose TU? Besides obviously getting to be on campus with you every day.
  11. So you are known within your/our circle as a bit of a traveler… an expeditionist if you will…. So what are some of the best places you have been?
    1. Where would you say that you had the most fun?
    2. Where was the most beautiful?
    3. Where was the best culture and history?
  12. So you travelled abroad in college apparently to Costa Rica? Well, so did my handsome friend here Marshall! What was that like, living abroad in college and how was the Costa Rican experience overall?
  13. Where is one place you have yet to visit that you are really dying to go to?
  14. Where is your next trip?
  15. How much fun did you have on the Scales and Ales Podcast here at the Snug Studio at the Taproom by Marshall Brewing?
  16. Would you recommend that all guests we invite on the show acquiesce to our request and come have a snuggle with us?



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