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Andolini’s Pizza Owner Mike Bausch Gives Us The Secret to The Pizza & Ranch Dressing

by | May 31, 2019 | Business, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. So Mike, I would be remiss if I didn’t start the show by praising you for the pizza… It’s delicious but let me tell you something. The ranch dressing you guys serve is like liquid gold and adrenaline and baby snuggles mixed into a garlicky taste explosion that makes everything taste better. I put it on cake, in soup, eggs and bacon, I use it to take my vitamins and brush my teeth in the morning. Basically, I love the ranch dressing. So thank you.
  2. So what got you into pizza? I read that you grew up in California and opened your first pizza place at 22. So was that Andolini’s or was that a previous venture?
    1. If not, how old were you when you open Andolini’s?
  3. You guys were voted in the top 10 pizzerias in America by TripAdvisor. You came in at number 9. So with these results we know that TripAdvisor is obviously a corrupt organization because it is clear to anyone who has tried your pizza that it should have been number 1. Kidding obviously but that is really freakin cool man. Congrats! Did you enter a contest or just get an email one day. What’s the story with #9 in America?
  4. Do you ever eat at places like Cici’s? Or day they make you cringe? Haha
  5. What brought you to Tulsa?
  6. What was one of the hardest things about getting the business started?
  7. What is something that you guys would have done completely differently if you were starting Andolini’s today?
  8. Now the opposite, what is one thing you guys absolutely crushed from the gates. Something that was a homerun decision?
  9. What is something you are super excited about for the future of Andolini’s?
  10. Where are all of the locations right now?
  11. What was your process for putting together a menu?
  12. How much different is today’s menu from when you first opened?
  13. I read that you work with your brother? What roles do you each of you play in the business? Are you both super involved?
  14. What would you say is the hardest thing about running a business?
  15. Now, You have the Andolini’s food truck out running around, of which I have found myself standing in line for many a night. How do you decide where to send that thing?
  16. If you could go back and talk to 21 year old Mike, what advice would you have for him?
  17. What is an action item you would like for the listeners to take right now?
  18. Mike, Thank you so much for taking time to come in and sit down with at The Snug at the Marshall Taproom. It has been a pleasure.

Go and check out your nearest Andolini’s today, tonight, tomorrow as soon as possible. You can find them everywhere, downtown, cherry street, Jenks, Owasso, Broken Arrow, and the food truck that is roaming around all the time. Go to for more info that’s for more info and we will catch you guys on the next episode of Scales and Ales…. CHEERS!!!!!!

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