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Weston Horn & The Hush Frontman & Tulsa Musician Shares Exciting New Album

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Music, Scales & Ales Podcast


  1. Now, you are a great frontman and your concerts are a ton of fun, how would you describe your music to someone who’s never been to a Weston Horn and the Hush show?  
  2. So how long have you been playing music and how did you get into music? 
  3. How long had you been playing when I met you over at Kevin Doyle’s infamous Swan Lake jam shack?
  4. Let’s take a moment to honor the Hush… These guys have some incredible talent and I love what they bring to your music, an energy and a fullness that you don’t see a lot these days. But beyond their talent the things I noticed is the names. What is up with the names? If there is a story please share it. 
    1. I am a huge nickname guy so I love it but we’ve got you listed as “Thunderpappa” That one’s obvious so we can move on. 
    2. Next is “The Captain” Mat Donaldson on the drums.
      1. I have always liked a guy who takes “Matt” and does it with one “T”.
    3. Then we have “Sledgehammer” Barrett Lewis – Ole 2 R’s 2 T’s Barrett. 
    4. Then the classic bassman coming through with the title of “Bacon” Steve Snyder.
    5. “Cannonball” Craig Seiler Baritone Sax and Keys. 
    6. The Prophet – Drew Thomas on the Tenor Sax
    7. Nathan Harrison or “Cookie” on the Trumpet
    8. And last but certainly not least “Money” Alex Price on the Trombone 
  5. I see that you guys had a crazy busy summer with a full on media blitz and album release party. Walk us through the experience of, maybe this past year and the traction you guys have been getting.
  6. What are you working on right now? Can you hype up one of the songs for us? 
    1. Anna Lee
    2. Don’t Give Up
    3. You Got Me
  7. Now Weston I’ve seen the songwriting process change quite a bit from musician to musician. Walk us through your songwriting process. How do you get your ideas into a fully-finished song? 
  8. When it comes to performing, you put on an incredibly entertaining show. Where have you performed around Tulsa, and what was your favorite venue outside of Tulsa?
  9. Do you have a particular show that has been a highlight for you? And Why?
  10. Many musicians find that one of the hardest things about being in charge of their own career is booking shows. How did you start getting gigs in the beginning and has that process changed at all through the years? 
  11. For other musicians or bands out there that are working towards achieving success, what have you learned along your journey that you wish someone would have shared with you? 
  12. Is there anything that you feel like you wasted your time on or that you maybe wouldn’t do again. 
  13. If you want the listeners to take one action as a result of listening today, what do you want them to do?
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