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Finish your fully-mixed tracks with a world-class mastering process designed to bring out the rich and high quality sound of your music. Our service online allows you get your tracks fully mastered without having to spend unnecessary hours in the studio. Let our team do the legwork so you can focus on the sonic quality of your project.

Guaranteed 72-Hour Turnaround

High Quality WAV Ready

Communication With Engineer For 1 Revisions

Pick from 3
Dynamic Adjustments

Refined Audio Mastering

Get your next track mastered by a team of professionals that will bring out the rich tones of your mix. The Madness Media team is focused on getting your track just right – for your vision, not ours.

With many output options available, you’ll receive the world-class mastering delivered in a variety of formats for streaming, vinyl pressing, or digital delivery. The mastering process is designed to dynamically adjust the highs and lows of the track to bring the best parts forward in the song & create consistency between tracks on an album. Work with the Madness Media engineers to get your set of tracks just right.

What are the mastering and mixing processes?

Mixing and mastering processes work together to get the individual tracks of your next track sounding well-balanced and prepped for distribution. The mixing process refers to the adjustment of audio levels of the recorded audio tracks in relation to one another to create a balanced and even sound. Many times engineers will adjust the volume levels to balance the song (create the mix) and add appropriate adjustments to refine the quality of each individual track with equalizers, light compression, and appropriate effects.

The mastering part of the post-production process refers to the step of finalizing a mix so that the volume and dynamics of the track is leveled and ready for distribution . Engineers will take the finalized mix of a track and import it into the digital workstation or analog system for fine tuning the equalization, raise specific tones in certain areas, and raise the volume and dynamics of the track to the appropriate level based on your distribution channel. Check out the difference in the processes below:

1. Before Mixing

2. After Mixing

3. After Mastering

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Tulsa Recording Studio | Madness Media

If you’re looking for high-quality production from a Tulsa recording studio, then make sure that you check out the services that are offered at Madness Media.

With Madness Media, you get high-quality production at an affordable price. The value behind all of the services far exceeds what you will pay at another Tulsa recording studio because the team at Madness Media understands that Tulsa musicians are on a budget to build their audience.

Don’t worry about setup times and hidden fees. The team is focused on providing an end-to-end experience for whatever you need for production. If you need a Tulsa recording studio, video development team, marketing strategy, booking agent, and schedule manager, then the Madness Media team is who you will need to work with. Providing a world-class experience every step of the way is what each individual at Madness Media is committed to.

Can’t afford a Tulsa recording studio?

Make sure to contact Madness Media regardless of your financial situation. There are packages that start at very affordable prices for Tulsa musicians that are on a tight budget. Don’t let your vision slip away from you while trying to decide to go all in on your next project. This Tulsa recording studio will work with you to refine you vision, plan your project, and execute it in a timely manner.

Have questions? Fill out a form to get a quote for a service or project at Madness Media, an affordable Tulsa recording studio. We’re excited to help!