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Van Full of Nuns Keeps Things Hot During The Beach Party Tour

by | Jul 10, 2022 | Concerts, Featured Artists, Music, Scales & Ales Podcast

TULSA, OK – The Oklahoma heat didn’t deter the throes of pop punk fanatics sporting bikinis and tank tops for Van Full of Nuns’ most recent concert experience during “The Beach Party” tour. The Cain’s Ballroom has become a regular stop for the band and an instant-favorite event for the passionate fans of Tulsa.

When Van Full of Nuns descends upon a city for a concert, showgoers better be ready for an experience. This talented group of musicians have spared no detail when it comes to hosting one of their throwback concerts. From start to finish, the group has orchestrated a show that evokes powerful emotion dripping with nostalgia as fans are immediately transported back to the time and place where they first heard these songs. The concert features original pop punk bands to open the night, crowd participation, merchandise giveaways, themed decorations, and sing-a-longs galore which keeps enthusiastic fans coming back for more, growing the size of the crowd every time they’ve returned to Tulsa.


Welcome to the Black Parade


“Pop Punk Nite” is more than just covering songs from the Golden Era of pop punk. Carefully selected songs control the energy throughout the course of the night which keeps fans engaged every minute of the show. Littered with favorites from Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Simple Plan, and Jimmy Eat World, the group also plays some of their originals “Is Heaven Worth This Hell I’m Living” and “Miss Me With That,” which are all just as good as the epic anthems that they are paired next to.


VFON Jun2022 1089


The most recent visit to the Cain’s Ballroom during “The Beach Party” tour featured warm up act House Parties (@housepartiestx) who are incredibly talented in their own right. The expectations for the night were immediately elevated and signaled to first time attendees that this was not your typical cover band show. The crowd was inspired into a frenzy while singing along to songs like “If It Means a Lot to You” from A Day to Remember to create a crescendo of energy preparing everyone for what was to come.

…greeted by a roar of celebration, the group reciprocated the spirited energy…

After a brief intermission featuring intentionally chosen pop punk classics over the house sound system, it was time for Van Full of Nuns to take the stage. Greeted by a roar of celebration, the group reciprocated the spirited energy out of the gate with “All the Small Things” by Blink 182. Shortly into the set, the crowd was introduced to each of the musicians hosting their experience for the night: Michael Perez (lead vocals /guitar), Josh Koder (guitar/keyboard), Jason Korman (bass/vocals), Todd Griffith (drums), and Cameron Henson (guitar/vocals).


VFON Jun2022 1084


Before long, the band was in lockstep with the crowd reminiscing to other classics like Bowling for Soup’s “1985” & Paramore’s “Misery Business.” The entire performance cycled through individual highlights which included fantastic punk harsh vocals by Jason “DK” Korman, tight drum breakdowns by “The Pop Punk Viking,” guitar solos by “Mikey Pizza,” and solo keyboard song introductions by “The Pop Punk Prophet” for songs like “Welcome to the Black Parade.”

Van Full of Nuns are looking ahead to the 2022 Pop Punk’s Not Dead Fest

These anthems give the band ample opportunity to create memorable moments throughout the show. The house lights are dimmed low as the crowd is invited to get out their phones & flip on the flashlights. When the entire room is illuminated with a sea of twinkling lights, you hear the familiar first few notes on the keyboard which is eventually joined by the rolling snare drum behind the band. Immediately the crowd erupts in chorus together with the words “When I was…a young boy…” before the song reaches its climax and beach balls and other inflatables are tossed into the crowd.

While “The Beach Party” tour has come to an end after 9 states’ worth of performances, it is only the beginning of the excitement for this summer. Anticipated to be even bigger than last year’s event, Van Full of Nuns hosts & headlines 2022 Pop Punk’s Not Dead Fest” alongside Bowling For Soup & Less Than Jake! This festival was originally conceived by the band to highlight the spectacular sounds of pop punk from the ‘90s & 2000s which has culminated into a full day of partying & nostalgic throwback bands. This year’s event will be hosted at venue Buck’s Backyard in Buda, TX (just south of Austin, TX) on July 30th, 2022. Visit for details.

If you can’t get enough of the band’s performances, make sure to check out their social media accounts which are second-to-none (@vanfullofnuns). With the focus on engaging their followers, creating colorful content, and branding their experience for fans to relive over and over again, you’ll enjoy the playful clips from their shows & behind the scenes experiences. Additionally, you’ll get the inside track on the original song releases the band has recorded. Most recently the band has released “Love to Hate Me” and a Spanish-styled version of “MakeDamnSure,” which are exceptional treats to enjoy as a reminder of how talented these guys are with their music. -Marshall Morris, Madness Media


Pop Punk's Not Dead Fest 2022

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