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Singer/Songwriter Mark Gibson Releases New Album Hymnals From the Plains

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Music, Scales & Ales Podcast



We are back on Scales & Ales where we cover music, business, and beer My name is Marshall Morris, and on this episode today we are sitting down with Mark Gibson, what is going on man? CHEERS!!


  1. It’s been a while, did you ever think we were going to start emerging from the COVID lockdowns? 
  2. In many ways, the lockdowns affected musicians, live performers, and artists the most. Was that hard for you? 
  3. In what ways were you forced to do things differently? 
  4. I remember seeing you perform live at Hotel Indigo one evening with one of our work colleagues, and your chops were sharp. How’s the practice schedule been during everything? More? Less? The same and utilized time differently? 
  5. What’s it been like getting back to live performances? 

Hymnals From the Plains 

  1. How long have you been planning the new album? 
  2. Musically – how’s it different from your past albums? 
  3. How was the process of recording it different than past albums? 
  4. While your sound hasn’t departed from the music all of your fans have come to love, was there anything specifically you wanted to retain from the production from past albums? 
  5. If you were to describe the theme for this album, how would you share it with them? 


  1. Memphis Belle
  2. Testify
  3. Such a Shame 
  4. All My Life
  5. Baby I’m Back in Town
  6. I Ain’t Trying To Hit on Your Momma
  7. Hymn for America (Change)
  8. Salvation
  9. Everyone Steals
  10. Those Ladies Ain’t Your Property
  11. Till The Wheels Come Off
  12. Love Someone

Now all these are tracks are super special and hearing them correctly on an awesome system is something I strongly recommend. 


Tell me a little bit about the upcoming Listening Party You’re having this weekend

  • Saturday Nov 13, 7pm – 10pm 
  • The First Street Flea


  • The new album, Hymnals From the Plains, is finally coming out! The official release date is November 19th, BUT I’ll be hosting a listening party on Saturday, November 13th at X Goods Vintage (856 E Admiral BLVD, Tulsa, OK). Cocktail hour will be from 7-8pm. At 8pm, I’ll play the record in its entirety (around 45 mins). I’ll break it up with stories and some vocal and guitar demonstrations on how the songs came together. We will be collectively listening to the whole album through a great sound system, and simply enjoying the music as a complete piece of art. Once the album is done, we’ll celebrate! You’re welcome to ask me any questions about particular songs, the recording process, etc. during that time. We’ll have a staffed bar on site. Also, feel free to buy anything in store while you’re at the event. They have a wonderful assortment of vintage goods!
  • The ticket price is $20. I’m covering the fees, so that should be your final cost. The ticket includes entrance to the event, a signed CD, and a digital download of the album. I really hope you can join me for this special night!
  • Ticket Link:
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