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Hip-Hop Star Champions The Outsiders House Museum & The City of Tulsa

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Music, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. You’ve had success in music with a variety of groups including House of Pain and La Coka Nostra, if I read correctly, you’ve performed at the Cain’s Ballroom, you’re a founding member of the Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team, and you’ve recently renovated the The Outsiders House. What an impressive resume! I want to touch on all of it
  2. You’re a member of the Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team, sounds pretty epic, what is that?
  3. What are some of the other sites you haven’t seen that you’d like to?
  4. How did you get to Tulsa?
    1. 2009 – Visited and found The Outsiders was filmed here
  5. Now I remember watching The Outsider back in high school, Chupp do you?
  6. I recently watched it again, and man do I have a deeper appreciation for it.
  7. When you look back at watching The Outsiders the first time what comes to mind? What was the impact of the movie on you?
  8. Why do you think it became such a cult classic?
    1. Francis Ford Coppola
    2. C. Thomas Howell…Ponyboy Curtis
    3. Matt Dillon…Dallas Winston
    4. Ralph Macchio…Johnny Cade
    5. Patrick Swayze… Darrel Curtis
    6. Rob Lowe…Sodapop Curtis
    7. Emilio Estevez…Two-Bit Matthews
    8. Tom Cruise…Steve Randle
    9. Tom Waits…Buck Merrill
    10. Sofia Coppola…Little Girl (as Domino)
    11. S.E. Hinton …Nurse
  9. What do you find people say about Tulsa when you travel and do interviews?
  10. Tell us about this Burger Brothers podcast I found out there when prepping for the show?
    1. Who does it with you? How did you get started? And where is the best damn burger in town?
  11. There’s a bias towards the tip of the iceberg and the success we see, but seldom get to hear about the grind that went into making your music happen. What were the parts that fans didn’t get to see in the media?
  12. If you had two pieces of advice or action steps to give to other musicians, what advice would you give?
  13. You’ve traveled all over, you’ve had crazy success, and you’ve really championed Tulsa as a place that you want to be. What makes Tulsa special?
  14. What do you see that Tulsa needs to continue to do to recruit talented young professionals and grow?
  15. What does the future of Tulsa look like to you, and what are some key elements that it’s missing?  
  16. Danny, any other hot takes for the podcast today?
  17. What do you want anyone listening to do after listening to this episode?
    1. The museum is located at 731 N. St. Louis, Tulsa
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