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Bramble Breakfast and Bird & Bottle Owners Share Menu Favorites & Team Management Tips

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Business, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. Johnna, Jason, let’s start with you guys doing a quick elevator pitch for Bramble and then follow that up with the pitch for Bird & Bottle and also fill me in if I am missing anything?
  2. A big part of your overall brand seems to be fresh… farm to table, local focus. You have the Marshall’s Big Jamoche on tap… good work, good job there. Nicely done. Why are you so passionate about these things? I mean as far as a branding and marketing move I love it. I want to shop local every chance I can and eat fresh but why are you so passionate about these things?
  3. What got you into the food world and restaurant scene? I read that your “Grandpa was a bartender and owner, and grandmother — Ninny — was a cocktail waitress,” does this just run in your blood?
  4. Now I will be honest and let you know that while that I frequent Bramble but I have not had the pleasure of dining at Bird & Bottle but it is on the list.
  5. So seeing as I know more about Bramble I wanted to ask you how you came up with the Bramble idea and brand? Did you have some recipes and people loved them? Or did you have the idea or the vision and have someone help you develop the kitchen? What did that process look like?
  6. “Bramble on” where did that come from?
  7. Which location opened first? My office is over on the Riverwalk so my partner, who could not join us today, Marshall Morris and I end up over there buying 2 or 3 sides of bacon to go a couple times per week so thank you for that and i despise you at the same time? I can’t stop with the bacon. Please explain why the bacon is different than most places and why you decided to do it this way?
  8. I actually wrote the outline over breakfast at Bramble this morning and there was a bridal party getting ready and taking photos outside.. Is this s thing? The bride looked beautiful! They were on the west side of the building taking a photos and I believe someone in the party was not on schedule because i heard her laugh a few times and then say something to the effect of “I don’t care, tell her to get her ass out here now!” haha but it looked like you guys had an awesome brunch set up and some Mimosa carafes.
  9. Talk about the Cham-bong real quick. I love it haha. Is this a pretty popular thing?
  10. We have a lot of business owners that listen and some of them are in that me to we transition where they have to duplicate themselves so I wanted to as you How important systems and processes are for your kitchen and wait staff to make sure everyone gets a similar experience when they come in?
  11. How do you hire and look for managers and what do you look for in a manager? Do you promote from within like QT or do you do the mercenary hire in move so the person has no life connections with the staff?
  12. I read the following “Three Sirens Restaurant Group is a locally owned and woman ran company”… that is powerful. I love it. I am a huge woman fan. I love my wife, my daughter, my mom and many other wonderful women in my life….
    1. What are a couple things that you’ve experienced as a woman business owner, boss lady, queen of the castle that have been hard to deal with or maybe even unexpected? (Talk about my experience with working with my mom and the bullshit she had to put up with….) have you had to put up with crazy stuff? I do not mean to put you on the spot but I think this is a real problem in the world and the more can educate people about the faster it can go away.
  13. What are you guys most excited about either at 3 Sirens, Bird & Bottle, Bramble, life, whatever? What is something that you are pumped up about?
  14. Well, thank you guys so much for coming in tell the people one more time where to find your outstanding establishments?
  15. CHEERS!!! and we will catch you guys on the next episode of Scale and Ales.
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