marshall-morris-headshot-1001My name is Marshall Morris, and I’m the Founder of Madness Media. There isn’t much about my background that separates me from most of the readers and listeners of Madness Media. I’ve worked over the past 5 years to figure out what makes me catch fire, and this site is a product of that.

We operate out of Tulsa, OK, a city I’m proud to call home. After 6 years away from the city, I’m excited to be putting down roots here and becoming a part of the insane growth that Tulsa is experiencing. Young professionals are the pulse of the city, and new budding entrepreneurs and corporate talent arrives every day.

I’m the son of two freaking awesome parents, the brother of 6’1″ little sister, and grateful for everything they’ve given me. My dad is an exceptional cardiologist, my sister is an occupational therapy student and much cooler than me, and nobody can run a tighter ship than my all star mom. While our relationships are incomparable, at first glance our family is pretty normal and I’ve been pretty fortunate.

I went to a public school (Go Trojans!) where I played in the 6A basketball state championship (we lost). Ultimately, I earned a spot on the basketball team at D3 Ohio Wesleyan University and got to experience playing in two March Madness tournaments.

I’ve learned over the years that many successful entrepreneurs surface through impossible circumstances and adversity. I tell you this because I’ve had to learn to create my own adversity. My struggles do not compare to those of homelessness, trauma, or disadvantage. And learning to create your own adversity is a skill that every young professional needs – we’ll get more into that later.


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