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Indie Rock Band The Brothers Moore Talks Band History, Musician Tips, & Tulsa | Tulsa Podcast

by | May 3, 2019 | Music, Scales & Ales Podcast



  1. Bobby, it’s been about a year since you guys won the Tulsa World’s Awesome Music Opening Band contest for opening the Main Stage at Hop Jam. What’s changed since then?
  2. Tell us about what it was like getting to open for the music festival put on for a band as iconic as Hanson.
  3. Now, you’ve performed a number of venues & shows, and the concerts are a ton of fun, how would you describe your music to someone who’s never been to a Brothers Moore concert?
  4. Your music has been characterized as early Kings of Leon meets The Strokes & The Black Keys. How do you begin putting together a sound like that?  
  5. Bobby, how long have you been playing music and how did you get into music?
  6. I’d like to talk briefly about one of your songs. One of the songs that many people will recognize from The Brothers Moore is “HWY 75”  Can you break down a little bit of this song for us?
  7. What are you working on right now? Can you hype up one of the songs for us?
  8. Now Bob, I’ve seen the songwriting process change quite a bit from musician to musician. Walk us through your songwriting process. How do you get your ideas into a fully-finished song?
  9. What is it like getting signed to a label?
  10. Now, the band’s logo is sick, and the album cover is one of the coolest one’s I’ve even seen with the black and blue. Who made it? Break it down for us?
  11. Tell us about your art a little bit. I’ve seen you at First Fridays doing stuff on the street and it’s pretty fantastic.
  12. When it comes to performing, you put on an incredibly entertaining show. Where have you performed around Tulsa, and what was your favorite venue in Tulsa?
  13. Do you have a particular show that has been a highlight for you? And Why?
  14. Many musicians find that one of the hardest things about being in charge of their own career is booking shows. Are you going around reaching out to venues to book shows, or have you guys reached the level where everyone is already beating down your door? Walk us through that process and any advice you have for musicians getting started.
  15. For other musicians or bands that are working towards achieving success like you…it’s taken a while to get to where you are now, what have you learned along your journey that’s been the most important?
  16. What about something that is the least important that you should not have spent time on?
  17. If you want the listeners to take one action as a result of listening today, what do you want them to do?





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