“Cherry Wine” – Tiffany Howig (Hozier Cover)

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Featured Artists

Tulsa recording studio Madness Media recorded Tiffany Howig’s most recent performance out at a local Tulsa park (Woodward Park) to cover Hozier’s “Cherry Wine.”

Howig brought along fellow musician and talented brother, Daylan Howig, to perform with her in her most recent video. “Cherry Wine” is a sad song the more you get into the lyrics, and the weekend that Howig chose to perform set the mood just right.

While it rained the majority of the weekend, the weather cleared up just long enough at dusk for the duo to get out the guitar and record an emotional version of one of Hozier’s hit songs. Backed by birds and wind, the ambient noise added a nice touch and feeling to the cover which allowed it to be unique among other versions covered by Tulsa musicians.